Diwali 2023: Take special care of these things while bursting firecrackers, carelessness can prove costly...


The district administration and doctors have appealed to the people to celebrate Diwali keeping environmental protection in mind. Dr. JS Bath, the plastic surgeon at Bath Hospital, believes that carelessness in bursting crackers can damage the body parts. To show grandeur, holding pomegranate and bursting big firecrackers breaks the nerves and small bones of the fingers. As a result, most of the hands are not able to work.


Do not burn your ankles while holding them in your hands.
  If the firecracker does not burn after lighting, then do not immediately try to see why it did not burn.
  Do not keep the store of firecrackers near the place where crackers are burnt.
  Do not allow small children to set off firecrackers themselves.
  Never keep firecrackers in your pocket.
  Do not try to light multiple firecrackers at once.
  One should not set off firecrackers by leaning on them.
  Never burn firecrackers by keeping them in a tin can or glass bottle.


Light the firecrackers using candles, keeping them at a proper distance.
Keep 2-3 buckets of water near the place where crackers are lit.
Wear only cotton clothes while bursting crackers.
Do not burn the rocket under a tree or near any obstruction.
While burning loud crackers, cotton should be put in the ears.