Diwali 2023: If you want to give your home a makeover, use lights like this..


Every Diwali people get their houses decorated and buy new things for decoration. This Diwali, are you also thinking of doing something different to decorate your house? If so, then you can adopt easy and simple 'Do It Yourself' methods. Don't worry we will help you with this. Today we have brought you such ideas in which you can decorate and beautify your house in many ways with the help of lights.


Every year you light up your house on Diwali with the help of traditional lamps and candles. But this year, do something new and learn how you can decorate with Diwali lights at home, which will make your house sparkle. These are perfect ideas to decorate your home:

Fairy Light Photo Wall Decor
Instead of decorating fairy lights in the usual way, it is better to add some twists to it. You can combine Polaroid photos with these lights. First, install the lights and place the photos in the remaining empty space, this will complete the photo wall decor of your home. This will instantly bring festive vibes to your room.

For this you will need these things:
1. Polaroid Photos
2. Fairy Lights
3. Small Clips or Paper Clips
4. Extension Cable
5. Wall tape or wall clips

Make it like this:
Take fairy lights and fix Polaroid photos in the empty space with the help of clips. When all the space is filled, make the design and fix it on the wall with the help of wall clips. Now connect the lights through an extension cable and turn on the lights. Your decor is ready.

Bottle light stand
Fairy lights can be decorated in more ways than just hanging on the wall. You can keep these lights inside glass bottles to decorate creatively. This decor also looks very beautiful. Besides, it is also quite easy and simple. These light bottles will also give a beautiful warm ambiance to your room.

empty glass bottles
fairy lights
extension cable

Make it like this:
Take empty glass bottles and fill them with fairy lights. Now plug these lights into the extension cable and turn them on. You can keep them at the corners of the room or living room.

Bedside light decor
If you want to decorate your bedroom differently on Diwali, then you can do something creative on the side. This is also quite simple and easy. In a few simple steps, you can completely transform your home.


Fairy lights
Extension cable

Make it like this:
Take one corner of the fairy lights and tape it to the inside of the corner of the bed. Install fairy lights on the four corners of the bed and then connect it with an extension cable. Now turn on the fairy lights and turn off all the other lights in the room.
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