Dieting Tips: Follow the rule of 50-35-15 percent in diet, you will get these 3 benefits including good digestion


The method of weight loss through diet and workouts has become common nowadays. People follow expensive diet plans. However, due to dieting, the number of people who harm the body has also increased a lot. Expert Rujuta Diwekar says that it is not right to play with the body in the wake of dieting. People starve for hours so that they can lose weight fast. Expert Rujuta keeps sharing posts related to diet on Instagram. In the latest post by a diet and health expert, a new rule for dieting has been shared. The Expert told that we should take a diet with the rule of 50, 35 and 15 per cent.

Now you must be thinking that what kind of rule is this? According to this proportion, your plate should have 50 per cent rice, roti or millet, 35 percent lentils, vegetables or chicken mutton and 15 percent should have pickles, curd, papad chutney and salad. You can also call this rule a balanced diet. Let us tell you about its benefits…


Digestion is better
Most people have stomach problems like acidity, stomach pain or other problems. This can happen due to wrong eating and a spoiled lifestyle. By the way, taking such a balanced diet improves digestion. By taking such a diet, we also avoid problems like stomach aches and constipation.

Will get energy
Experts told that there are many benefits of taking this diet, one of which is to remain energetic. When you eat the wrong things, your body remains lethargic and you always feel sleepy. And when you take a balanced diet, you feel fit and energetic.


Beneficial in both test and fitness
The best thing about a balanced diet is that you do not need to eat tasteless food in the name of a strict diet. You can eat everything in a balanced way, which will not harm you and you can also enjoy eating tasty.