Diet In Corona: Corona patients should take special care in eating and drinking, know how to have breakfast, lunch, and dinner

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Fast Recovery After Corona: In corona, the body breaks down badly and weakness bothers the most. In such a situation, you should pay maximum attention to the diet. Know-how is your breakfast, lunch, and dinner?

Diet for Corona Patients: A patient infected with the coronavirus should take great care of his food and drink. Due to carelessness in eating and drinking, immunity starts weakening and you fall ill. Even if you are infected with corona, your diet plays an important role in being healthy. Corona-infected people feel weak for several months during recovery, but good food and drink can make you completely healthy very quickly. In such a situation, if you are in the recovery period of the corona, then healthy and nutritious things should be consumed. With this, you can also avoid the after-effects of the corona. Know what things you should include in the diet.

At the beginning of recovery from corona, you do not have the desire to eat much, but you should consume food rich in vitamins and proteins. Many people die of hunger due to illness, in such a situation the body becomes weak by eating less. To protect the body from weakness, keep eating little or nothing in breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Apart from this, take any light diet of your favorite as a snack. Your diet should include things rich in calories, proteins, fats, vitamins A, C, D, E, zinc. You should also eat things rich in micronutrients. Due to this, T-cells and B-cells (antibodies) increase in the body and there is a quick recovery.

What should be the diet of Corona patients

1- The first thing you have to eat is home and freshly cooked food. Do not eat stale food at all.
2- Do some physical activity according to the amount of energy in the body. Also, do daily breathing exercises.
3- You should consume a diet rich in carbohydrates, fats for quick recovery.
4- Eat foods rich in protein to strengthen the muscles in the corona.
5- You should also consume foods rich in antioxidants and minerals.
6- For recovery in corona, eat foods rich in vitamin C, vitamin D.
7- To strengthen the muscles and immunity, you should consume ragi, oats, and other whole or coarse grains like porridge or khichdi in carbs.
8- For protein, you can eat milk, cheese, egg, chicken, fish, nuts, soy, seeds in the food.
9- If you are losing weight, then eat things with healthy fats like almonds, walnuts, olive oil, mustard oil.
10- To increase immunity, you can eat vitamin C-rich fruits like orange and lemon. Drink a glass of warm turmeric milk while sleeping at night.
11- Must eat seasonal green vegetables and fruits. You should eat things rich in vitamins and minerals.
12- Mental problems are also happening in the patients of Corona. The problem of fear, anxiety, nervousness, and stress is increasing in the Corona period. In such a situation, eat seeds and dark chocolate to improve mood and remove anxiety.

How are the breakfast, food, and dinner of a corona patient?

Breakfast- Do not drink tea empty stomach for breakfast. This can lead to gas formation. You can have vegetable-rich poha, namkeen vermicelli, idli, boiled eggs, and turmeric milk or very light tea for breakfast.

Lunch- You can eat khichdi, porridge, vegetable casserole, rice, multi-grain roti, lentils, salad, and green vegetables in the day's meal.

Snacks- You can also have herbal tea, veg or chicken soup, sprouts, or tea biscuits in the evening snacks.

Dinner- At dinner, you can eat roti, cheese curry, salad, chicken, or other green vegetables. You can also eat hot moong and masoor dal khichdi at night. By eating this type of food, you will recover from corona quickly.

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