Diet and Nutrition Tips: - Do you also feed powdered milk to children? Don't make these mistakes even by mistake


Mother's milk is considered best for newborn babies. However, due to busy lifestyles or other reasons, parents often resort to formula-feeding their babies. Although this may seem convenient, it can have several health drawbacks. Recently an important update has come out regarding formula milk. Formula milk produced for children will be inspected and action will be taken against companies not following the guidelines issued by the government.

Mother's milk is considered best for children compared to formula milk. This simplifies child care, but parents sometimes make mistakes that can have serious consequences. Have you ever made mistakes while giving formula milk or external milk to your baby? Here experts will tell you what precautions should be taken while giving formula milk to the child.

The government's strict stance on formula milk

The government has issued new guidelines regarding formula milk. The government says that strict action will be taken against companies that do not follow these guidelines. According to sources, lactose and glucose are mandatory for carbs in formula milk and it is better if it does not contain fructose. The amount of carbohydrates should not exceed 20%. This update comes after the use of sugar in Nestlé India products was reported.

What do experts say?

Jaipur-based dietician Surbhi Parikh believes that mother's milk is best for children. She mentions that many hygiene mistakes are made with this type of milk, which can leave the baby vulnerable to infection. Surbhi says that parents often make mistakes like not cleaning the bottle properly or using stored milk.


Avoid these mistakes

Surbhi explains that parents often do not wash their hands before preparing milk, which increases the risk of infection. Instead, mother's milk should be given directly.

Not cleaning the bottle properly is also a big mistake. It would be better to boil it in water and wash it before use.

Parents sometimes reheat stored milk before feeding it to the baby. This may cause vomiting, nausea or other digestive problems.

The water used to make powdered milk should be heated immediately before use. Also, avoid heating it in the microwave. These mistakes can happen due to laziness or haste.