Diabetic patients drink fig leaf tea daily to control sugar

Diabetic patients drink fig leaf tea daily to control sugar

Controlling sugar is a very difficult task for diabetic patients. It is a disease that, once infected, stays with you for life. In this condition, the sugar level in the person's body starts increasing. At the same time, the release of insulin hormone from the pancreas stops. According to experts, diabetes has become a common disease due to poor diet and bad diet. For this, make extensive improvements in your diet and lifestyle. Also, do walking daily in the morning and evening. Apart from this, figs can be consumed to control sugar. Especially drinking tea of ​​fig leaves also keeps sugar under control. Come, let's know everything about it-

Strengthens the digestive system

For this, soak two or three figs in a glass of water before sleeping at night. Consume figs with honey the next morning. This gives relief to the problem of constipation. In addition, the digestive system is strengthened.

Beneficial for heart

According to health experts, figs contain lipoproteins. It is beneficial for the heart. For this, figs can be consumed daily. However, do consult a doctor once for the quantity.

Panacea for diabetes

Many types of research have revealed that figs are a panacea for diabetic patients. Sugar remains under control by its consumption. At the same time, anti-diabetic properties are found in fig leaves. For this, diabetic patients must make a tea of ​​fig leaves twice daily to control sugar.

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