Diabetes Symptoms: Symptoms of diabetes appear in the feet like this, if seen then get a sugar test done immediately!


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When a diabetic patient's blood sugar level increases, the initial symptoms start appearing on his feet. It is important to recognize these symptoms immediately and get a sugar test done immediately. Also, consult a doctor.

Diabetes is a dangerous disease. Although it is entirely lifestyle-related, it can be dangerous if affected people do not improve their lifestyle.

Sugar level keeps fluctuating in diabetic patients. However, when it increases, symptoms start appearing on the legs. It is important to recognize these signs in time and get a sugar test done immediately.

Pain in legs: If the sugar level of a diabetic patient has increased then it can be a symptom of diabetic neuropathy. In this condition the nerves get damaged, causing severe pain and swelling in the legs. Sometimes, the feet may feel numb and tingling.

Change in color of nails: As the sugar level increases in diabetes, the color of nails starts changing. Usually, pink-colored nails start turning black. Do not ignore these signs and get checked on time.

Hardening of the skin: In diabetes, the skin of the feet and ankles becomes hard. However, this can also happen due to wearing the wrong size shoes. In such a situation, it is necessary to get a blood test done.