Diabetes Control: These spices present in the kitchen absorb all the sugar from the body, diabetes will remain under control


For this, cut or crush ginger into small pieces. Then you put a cup of water and ginger in a pan and boil it well and make tea. After this, you consume it hot. By drinking ginger tea, your blood sugar remains under control.


For this, put a stick of cinnamon in a pan and boil it well and make cinnamon tea. Then filter it and consume it. Cinnamon has antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties, so it is better for diabetes patients.

Fenugreek seeds
For this, put fenugreek seeds in a utensil and keep it soaked overnight. Then you consume this water on an empty stomach the next morning. This helps in controlling your blood sugar level. Along with this, the health of your heart also remains healthy.

Cloves have anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, carminative and anti-flatulence properties. That's why cloves are useful in controlling diabetes. For this, soak about 4 to 5 cloves in a glass of water overnight. Then you drink it the next morning and eat cloves.


Ayurvedic properties are present in turmeric which is beneficial for diabetes patients. In such a situation, you can consume turmeric by boiling it in water or adding it to milk.