Diabetes: Black sesame will control blood sugar, know how to use it!


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At present a large number of people are affected by diabetes. This condition is prevalent not only among the elderly but also among the youth. Diabetes is basically a metabolic syndrome, which often occurs due to poor lifestyle and eating habits. It is important to note that diabetes cannot be completely cured, but it can be controlled.

Health experts emphasize that diabetes affects the body internally. This can cause various problems like high blood pressure and hair fall. Interestingly, black sesame seeds may contribute to diabetes control. Let us learn how black sesame seeds can be beneficial in managing diabetes.

Black sesame seeds

Black sesame seeds may be helpful in controlling blood sugar levels. These seeds are rich in protein and contain pinoresinol, a compound that inhibits the activity of the enzyme maltase, which helps regulate blood sugar.

How to consume black sesame seeds

Roasted sesame seeds: If your blood sugar levels remain consistently high, start including roasted black sesame seeds in your diet. It not only helps in maintaining proper blood circulation but also contributes to reducing blood sugar levels. Consume them in the morning on an empty stomach or before sleeping. Include consuming roasted black sesame seeds in your daily routine.

Soaking in water: If you do not want to consume roasted sesame seeds, you can soak them in water. For this, soak one spoon of black sesame in water overnight. Consume both black sesame seeds and water in the morning. This method also helps in controlling blood sugar levels efficiently. However, if your blood sugar is persistently elevated, it is important to seek advice from a healthcare professional.