Dhanteras 2023: Do shopping as per zodiac sign on Dhanteras-Diwali, there will never be shortage of money...


Deepotsav, also known as the festival of Diwali, is very important and people prepare for this occasion by decorating their houses and doing shopping. Depending on the person's amount and time, it may be a good idea to make a purchase. On the occasion of this festival, it is best that a person purchases some important items according to his zodiac sign, which can be auspicious for him.


According to Pandit Ganesh Sharma, on the festival of Diwali in the Alwar district, people buy goods according to auspicious yoga. On November 4 and 5, in Pushya Nakshatra and with the coincidence of Ashta Yoga, it is considered auspicious to buy vehicles, jewelry, land, house investment, the auspicious beginning of business, registry, and agreements. On this occasion, some people can also do online shopping, which is becoming very popular these days. On the occasion of this festival, it is good that people make purchases based on their interests and needs so that they can take advantage of this auspicious time.

Know auspicious shopping according to zodiac sign
Pt. Ganesh Sharma said that people are also willing to buy goods according to their zodiac sign, and they like to shop according to their zodiac sign on the occasion of Diwali. Ganesh Sharma said that:
1) For Aries people, it is auspicious to buy land, a house, and a vehicle.
2) For people with the Taurus zodiac sign, the chances of purchasing clothes, silver jewelry, and beauty items are auspicious.
3) For Pisces people, buying jewelry, gems, gold, and silver proved fruitful.
4) Buying gold, clothes, and steel utensils is considered auspicious for people with the Gemini zodiac sign.
5) It will be auspicious for people with the Cancer zodiac sign to buy silver jewelry, clothes, electronic items, and toys.

6) It is considered auspicious for people with the Leo zodiac sign to buy gold jewelery and land.
7) Buying gold or gold-made jewelery will be fruitful for people of the Virgo zodiac sign.
8) It will be auspicious for people with Libra zodiac signs to buy clothes and electronic items.
9) It is considered auspicious for people with the Aquarius zodiac sign to buy goods made of iron and electronic items. 10) People with a Capricorn sign can buy electronic goods and clothes.
11) People with the Sagittarius zodiac sign will be able to buy jewelry, gold and silver.
With these tips, people buy goods on the day of Diwali based on their zodiac sign, so that you can get the benefits of this auspicious yoga.
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