Dhanteras 2023: Do not buy these items even by mistake on Dhanteras, know what astrology says..


The festival of Dhanteras is very important in Hindu religion and it is celebrated for the attainment of wealth and increase in wealth. This festival is celebrated on the first day of Diwali and people especially buy money and various financial items on this day. Some things are considered auspicious, which are brought into the house on this day, and some things are considered inauspicious. Therefore, let us know according to Pandit Satish Upadhyay, which items are auspicious to bring into the house on the day of Dhanteras and which items are inauspicious to bring into the house.


Lucky shopping
     Gold and Silver Jewellery:
     Buying gold and silver jewelery on Dhanteras is considered auspicious, as it brings wealth and financial security.
     Wooden temple or puja material:
     On Dhanteras, it is considered auspicious to buy wooden temple and puja material for the decoration of home temple, which is important from a religious and economic point of view.
     Some people buy a new vehicle on Dhanteras, which symbolizes the improvement in their financial condition.
     Gold Zone:
     Purchasing gold items (such as jewelry and coins) on Dhanteras is considered auspicious, as it helps in achieving the growth of wealth.


  Unlucky shopping
    For black cloth:
     Buying black clothes on Dhanteras is considered inauspicious, as it can be a sign of a financial crisis.
     Cutting Rice:
     Buying cutting rice is also considered inauspicious, as it can indicate financial disaster.
     Inauspicious Mechanical Jewellery:
     Inauspicious mechanical ornaments on Dhanteras, such as compressed blankets, can indicate that there may be trouble in the future.
     Raw clay sculptures:
     Buying raw clay idols is also considered inauspicious, as it can be a sign of financial crisis and bad luck.
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