Dengue Alert: Do not ignore these symptoms, Dengue fever symptoms, and treatment


Dr. Parvesh Malik 

Physician, Ujala Cygnus Hospital

Degree- MBBS, MD (General Medicine)

Medically Reviewed by Dr. Parvesh Malik

Right now we have not even dealt with the corona properly that dengue-malaria has spread its feet in many states of the country, and it is making a large number of people sick. But due to this, cases of death are also coming to the fore. The maximum number of cases are being reported in Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. In Madhya Pradesh alone, 6600 cases of dengue have been reported so far, and in September alone, 4016 patients have been found. At the same time, a large number of cases are also coming up in UP, which is scaring everyone. In such a situation, it becomes necessary that everyone should pay attention and protect himself and his family from diseases like dengue-malaria. For this, you have to pay attention to some things. So let's tell you about this.    

Do not ignore these symptoms:-

- Nausea - vomiting

- High fever

- Feeling weak

- Upset stomach or stomach problems

- Having a headache

-Muscle pain

-Bone or joint pain

-Pain behind the eyes

-Red rash or red rash on the skin.      

According to health experts, the initial symptoms of dengue are like flu and due to this people do not recognize the symptoms of dengue.


Dengue Symptoms and Prevention - Photo: iStock       

Symptoms start appearing after so many days

  • Generally, after 4-10 days after an infected mosquito bite a person, the symptoms of dengue start showing in it. After this, along with high fever, other symptoms of dengue also start appearing and they also start increasing rapidly.      

Dengue can also be fatal

  • However, people who catch dengue usually recover within a week or two. However, in some cases, there are severe symptoms, whose condition worsens and who do not get treatment in time. In such cases, this dengue also becomes fatal.       

Investigation required

  • If you see the symptoms of dengue, then you may be suffering from it. In such a situation, you should get your blood tested for diagnosis and if dengue is confirmed, get yourself treated with the advice of a doctor.


Dengue symptoms and prevention methods - Photo: Istock       

To avoid dengue, keep these things in mind:-

- Wear full-sleeve clothing

-Use mosquito repellent

Do not let the waste coming out of the house or from the kitchen accumulate too much.

-Use mosquito net while sleeping

Do not allow water to accumulate on the roof, cooler, pots, tires, or other places of the house. Keep in mind that dengue mosquito breeds only in clean water.

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