Dementia cure: Anti-inflammatory fruits can prevent dementia, know research


According to Dementia Cure researchers, the study claims that consuming a cup of tea, a cup of coffee in the morning, anti-inflammatory fruits, vegetables, legumes, can reduce the risk of dementia to a great extent.

Dementia is an amnesia disorder that develops in some people with age. After getting old, people start suffering from many such complications. Even if amnesia happens in this situation, then what an uncomfortable situation it can be. Dementia causes problems in the brain, which leads to Alzheimer's disease. According to the World Health Organization, 55 million people are suffering from dementia in the world and the biggest concern is that every year 10 million new people are falling prey to it. According to researchers, anti-inflammatory fruits, tea, and coffee can reduce the risk of dementia by up to a third.

The study claims that consuming a cup of tea, a cup of coffee, anti-inflammatory fruits, vegetables, legumes, etc. in the morning can greatly reduce the risk of dementia. This study is also important because Alzheimer's disease usually occurs only after 60. People do not know in advance that this disease is going to happen, so if people include these things in their diet in advance, then their risk of dementia will be greatly reduced.

More than a thousand people were included in this study and they were given anti-inflammatory fruits. After this, they were monitored for three years. Most of these people were given an anti-inflammatory diet, their diet included 20 fruits, 19 servings of vegetables, four servings of legumes, and 11 cups of tea or coffee per week. After three years the results of the study were startling.

Of these, those who did not include the anti-inflammatory diet had three times the risk of dementia. The study's results found that people could make their brain healthier by including an anti-inflammatory diet, said study author Dr. Nicolas Skarmes, a professor at the University of Athens. He said that people can easily avoid the risk of Alzheimer's by making changes in their diet. It requires very little effort. Only anti-inflammatory fruits and vegetables should be consumed.