Dark Circle: Dark circles can increase due to these 5 reasons, know effective ways to reduce them!


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Dark circles under the eyes have become a problem that most of the people are suffering from. Women need makeup to hide it. Some women also resort to expensive beauty treatments to deal with them. But if we know the reasons behind the occurrence of something then it becomes easy to deal with it. Here we tell you the reasons and remedies for dark circles.

Cause of dark circles

-Smoking or vaping also increases dark circles. These release free radicals, due to which dark circles grow rapidly.

-Due to fatigue and lack of sleep, small veins on the face become black. Which affects the color of the skin. In such a situation, the skin under the eyes also starts to look black.

- Repeated rubbing of the eyes causes post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Frequent rubbing of the eyes can cause the problem of dark circles.

Hydrating the skin is very important. Not applying moisturizer and sunscreen under the eyes can also cause dark circles.

- Lack of iron in the body also causes dark circles and this is the first symptom of anemia.

-Iron deficiency also causes a lack of oxygen in the body and dark circles and wrinkles start appearing on the face.


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Remedies to get rid of dark circles

Applying tomato and lemon juice reduces dark circles under the eyes. Mix both things in equal quantity. Apply it on the black part of the eyes with a cotton pad. Leave it for about 10-15 minutes. Then wash with water. Along with adopting this remedy, get enough sleep and take care of your health.