Dandruff Remedies: These 3 remedies will eliminate the whiteness on the hair from the root, even the dandruff deposited on the scalp will be cleared in a few hours....


Scalp itching is becoming a major and common hair problem these days. It accumulates in the form of flakes on the scalp of the head. It can also be dandruff and scaly i.e. flaky scalp. Not only women but men are also suffering from this problem. It increases dandruff in hair. It causes itching as well as problems like hair fall. There is no way to eliminate it, but there are some home remedies, by adopting which you can try to reduce dandruff from your beautiful hair. Let's know those three remedies which will clear the oldest dandruff in the hair...


According to experts, “The main reason for dandruff is its poor visibility. But an oily scalp, from not cleaning to fungal infections and seborrheic dermatitis, sensitivity to hair products and a specific type of overgrowth is a fungus living on your scalp. These can be reduced with home remedies.

Neem leaves water
Neem helps to cleanse the scalp. Along with lengthening the hair, it also cleanses clogged pores. The regenerative properties of neem are extremely beneficial in treating dandruff that accumulates in the hair. Put neem leaves in water and boil it. After this, when it is lukewarm, wash the hair thoroughly. By doing this regularly, dandruff will disappear from the hair.

Amla powder with curd
Amla rich in medicinal properties is an excellent source of Vitamin C. Amla powder can be used for dandruff. Mixing it with curd, it produces 'friendly bacteria', which eliminates dandruff and white scales.


Curd can be used to treat dandruff. Apply curd on the hair and massage it well on the scalp. Keep it in the hair for half an hour. After this wash the hair with shampoo. It will clear dandruff.