Curd For Healthy Diet: Eat these things mixed with curd for instant energy...


How to Eat Curd for Healthy Diet: Many people like to add curd to their diet to have a nutritious diet. Of course, the curd is considered a treasure of health. Most people consume only plain curd in food. However, do you know that mixing some things in curd and eating it not only gives you instant energy but all the fatigue of the body can also be removed within minutes?


Curd is considered a good source of protein, vitamins, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, and folic acid. On the other hand, by adding some things to it while eating curd, you can make it doubly beneficial. Come, according to the report published in, let us know with which things it is best to consume curd.

Mix cumin in curd
To get rid of digestion problems, you can eat curd mixed with cumin. Due to this, the digestive system of the body remains healthy and the food gets digested easily. Eating roasted cumin and black salt with curd increases appetite and you start feeling energetic.

Mix dry fruits in curd
You can make it double tasty and healthy by adding dry fruits to the curd. In this case, while eating curd, mix cashews, almonds, and walnuts in it. This will not only double the taste of curd but will also increase your weight and sharpen your memory. Apart from this, the body will also get instant energy by eating curd and dry fruits.

Eat jaggery with curd
Consuming jaggery with curd is very beneficial. This strengthens the immunity of the body. On the other hand, eating curd and jaggery increases hemoglobin in the body, due to which anemia is complete and you can also avoid becoming a victim of diseases like anemia. On the other hand, there is no complaint of gas, constipation, and acidity in the stomach by eating curd and jaggery.


Eat raisins with curd
Raisins are rich in protein, iron, fiber, and calcium. In this case, eating curd and raisins reduces the risk of urinary tract infection. At the same time, consuming curd on an empty stomach every morning proves to be an energy booster for the body.