CUET PG 2024: Prepare like this at the last minute, these tips will be useful!


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Common University Entrance Test PG 2024 is around the corner, and candidates often wonder how to prepare effectively in the remaining time to get a good result. If you are confused about last-minute preparation for CUET PG, we can help. Here are some tips that can help you prepare well.

Consider these tips:

  • Don't waste time on anything that you find challenging or confusing.
  • Focus on mastering what you already know.
  • Practice extensively and take mock tests seriously.
  • Not only give tests but also check them.
  • Identify and correct mistakes immediately.
  • Tackle areas where you face difficulties and seek expert help if necessary.
  • Keep yourself relaxed, and avoid discussing your preparation excessively with others.
  • Maintain confidence without comparing your preparation with others.
  • Eat properly, sleep properly, do light workouts and also spend some time in meditation.
  • Make a plan for the remaining day and give equal time to each subject.
  • Practice answer-writing and aim to complete the paper within the allotted time.
  • Use the Internet for help and clear up any confusion in time.
  • Divide topics for each day and try to complete them before going to bed.
  • Create cheat sheets for formulas, tables, etc. and keep them in your study area for quick reference.