Crypto Phishing Scam: Crypto phishing scam will make you bankrupt in one go, know how to keep digital earnings safe..


There has been a rise in cybercrime cases in the last few years. As the scope of Artificial Intelligence i.e. AI is increasing, cybercriminals are looking for new tactics to commit fraud. In such a situation, a crypto phishing scam is trying to defraud people digitally. Fraudsters are finding out the sensitive information of users through crypto phishing scams. Fraudsters use the stolen information to steal digital capital.


Digital earnings are stolen through crypto phishing scams

Fraudsters use different methods to steal people's digital earnings. Fraudsters obtain user information by creating fake websites, fake emails, social media, popular cryptocurrency exchanges, and investment firms. Fraudsters lure victims with claims like good returns and then defraud people of their digital earnings.

How do crypto phishing scams work?

     Scammers send phishing links to defraud people digitally. Fraudsters send fake emails, phishing links, and SMS to people. Along with this, scammers also put malware in those links. After this, as soon as users open the link or email on their device, the malware steals all the sensitive information of the device.

     It has been seen in many cases that scammers call by posing as fake customer officers. After this, fraudsters trick people into obtaining digital account information or sometimes digital funds.

     In crypto phishing scams, fraudsters often lure users into their trap by luring them in the form of giving some kind of digital advice or by giving them a good offer to earn digital money. Often users lack information, so they fall into the trap of fraudsters.


How to protect yourself from crypto phishing scams

     Do not share your digital key information with any unknown person.

     Be wary of any unknown links or offers appearing on the device.

     If a person claims to be an official of any platform, then verify it before sharing any sensitive information.

     To avoid crypto phishing scams, keep strong passwords and two-factor verification on on your platform.

     Use a good antivirus on your device. Also, keep your device updated with new software.

     If you notice any kind of irregularity online then you should complain about it on the relevant platform.

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