Credit Card New Rules: The rules of this credit card will change in June, users will benefit or else...


Almost every working person in the country has a credit card. Credit cards have become very important in today's time. Credit cards also help to meet your needs in case of emergencies.

Credit card users get the benefits of rewards, cashback credit points, etc. on using the card. Currently, there are many credit cards available in the market. Users get different offers on all cards.


One of the cards present in the market is Amazon Pay ICICI Credit Card. You get great cashback on this card on fuel filling.

There are going to be changes in the rules of Amazon Pay ICICI Credit Card from next month. If you also have this card then you should know about the new rule.

The rules are going to change from June

The company gives a 1 percent reward point on rent payments through this card, but this will not happen from June 18. This means that from June 18, users will not get any reward points (Credit Card Reward Points) on rent payments.

Offer available on fuel surcharge

If the user uses an Amazon Pay ICICI Credit Card to get fuel filled, then he gets a discount of 1 percent on every fuel surcharge payment. There is no limit on rewards on this card and there is no last date to redeem these points. Let us tell you that if users buy EMI or gold through this card, they do not get any reward points.

When do you get reward points?

Reward points arrive in the Amazon Pay Wallet of users within 3 days. One reward point on this card is worth Rs 1. Any user can apply for a credit card after fulfilling the eligibility criteria. The company first gives the user a ready-to-use digital card, after which the user gets the physical card through a courier.


How much does it cost to charge?

The specialty of this card is that it is a free credit card. There is no joining fee or annual fee on this card. This card has been issued by ICICI Bank in collaboration with Amazon and Visa. Through this card, Prime members also get up to 5 percent cashback on Amazon.

Even if someone is not a Prime member on Amazon, he can still get a 3 percent discount on Amazon India. On this card, 1 percent cashback is available on expenses like shopping, dining, insurance payments, travel, etc.

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