Credit Card Fraud: You should also try these methods to avoid credit card fraud, know here!


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With the advancement in technology, payment methods are evolving across the world and many countries now use UPI for payments. While digital payments offer convenience, millions of people still use credit cards for shopping or hotel payments. However, credit card fraud has also become common and here are some ways to protect yourself:

Secure your PIN:

Always keep your credit card PIN safe and avoid sharing it with anyone. Provide credit card information only on secure and trusted websites, especially be careful when shopping online. Check your account activities regularly and immediately notify the bank or card company of any unusual or suspicious transactions.

Beware of AI

Emails: To prevent credit card fraud, make sure your computer and smartphone are protected by using a firewall and antivirus software. Be careful when opening emails and clicking on links, as these may be attempts at credit card fraud. Keep your online account login information strong and unique. Set up mobile alerts from the bank or card company to receive notifications for every transaction.


What is the way to avoid it?

If your credit card is lost or you notice any suspicious activity, immediately block your card through the bank. Check your credit report regularly to identify unfamiliar transactions. By taking these precautions, you can protect yourself from various credit card frauds and scams.