Covid 19: Total 34 cases of KP.1!


Corona Update: Once again a surge in Corona cases is being seen in the country. Singapore has seen a rapid increase in coronavirus cases due to subvariants KP.2 and KP.1 of Covid-19. Now both these variants are infecting people in India also. According to INSACOG data, 290 people have been found infected with KP.2 and 34 with KP.1. 


Surge in corona cases

In India, 290 people have been confirmed infected with sub-form KP.2 of COVID-19 and 34 with KP.1. This information has been received from official figures. Both these sub-forms of Covid-19 are responsible for the increase in cases of infection in Singapore. However, sources in the Union Health Ministry told PTI that both of these are sub-types of the JN1 variant and are not related to cases of hospitalization and serious illness.

No reason to panic.

Sources said, "So there is no reason to worry or panic. The form of the virus will keep changing rapidly and this is a natural property of viruses like SARS-CoV2." Sources said that the Indian SARS-CoV-2 Consortium on Genomics (INSCOG) is sensitive to the matter and can deal with the new form if it emerges. They said that samples are also taken systematically from hospitals to detect any change in the severity of the disease due to the virus.

Total 34 cases of KP.1

According to data compiled by INSCOG, a total of 34 cases of KP.1 were reported in seven states and union territories, of which 23 cases were reported in West Bengal alone. According to the data, one case of this sub-form was reported in Goa, two in Gujarat, one in Haryana, four in Maharashtra, two in Rajasthan, and one in Uttarakhand.

290 cases of KP.2

According to INSCOG, 290 cases of KP.2 subtype have been reported; out of which the maximum 148 cases are from Maharashtra alone. Apart from this, one person in Delhi, 12 in Goa, 23 in Gujarat, three in Haryana, four in Karnataka, one in Madhya Pradesh, 17 in Odisha, 21 in Rajasthan, eight in Uttar Pradesh, 16 in Uttarakhand, and 36 people in West Bengal were infected with this subtype.

Singapore has seen a wave of Covid-19 in recent times and between May 5 and 11, 25,900 cases of infection with the KP.1 and KP.2 sub-forms have been reported. This is two-thirds of the total infection cases in Singapore.