Coronavirus Vaccine: How does the Nasal Vaccine Work? Will it be effective against the Delta variant?

Coronavirus Vaccine: How does the Nasal Vaccine Work? Will it be effective against the Delta variant?

A new challenge before the medical community is to find a more efficient vaccine to reduce the risk of infection with the new variant of COVID-19. Vaccines currently available around the world are believed to be less effective against newer variants, forcing vaccine developers to look for a stronger vaccine.

Amidst all the vaccine trials and trials, the nasal vaccine developed by Hyderabad-based Bharat Biotech is touted to be a game-changer. Let us tell you that Bharat Biotech has also made a vaccine. The nasal vaccine has recently been approved for Phase 2 and 3 trials. It is believed that the nasal vaccine strengthens the body's immune response against the virus.

What is the difference between Nasal Vaccine and Intra-muscular Vaccine?

The vaccines currently being administered around the world to protect against the coronavirus are intramuscular. This means that they are injected to the correct depth in the muscle. This is a common practice in modern medicine, which helps the drug to be absorbed quickly into the bloodstream.

The dose of the nasal vaccine will not be given by mouth or by injection into a muscle, but through the nose. Such medicine will directly reach the respiratory tract. The vaccine is injected either through a specific nasal spray or aerosol delivery.

At present, the vaccine that is being used to fight the virus with the help of injection is proving to be quite efficient. But researchers believe that nasal vaccines will be able to provide better protection than shots.

How does the nasal vaccine work?

We all know very well that coronavirus is an infection of the upper respiratory tract, which enters the body through the mucosa. Which helps to trigger an immune response to cells and molecules. Vaccines given through injection into muscles do not directly act on immune cells. At the same time, the nasal vaccine can work directly on the immune cells present in the body. respiratory tract and generate antibodies that work against COVID-19. It is also known to be effective for immunizing people in a short period.

Some research also suggests that the nasal vaccine is similar to natural immunity, which may provide better protection.

Will the nasal vaccine be more effective against the delta variant?

The delta variant is known to be more contagious than the original strain of the virus, which also causes severe symptoms. In such a situation, the current vaccine is considered less effective against such a variant. Hence, pharmaceutical companies are coming up with powerful booster shots that may work better on the Delta variant.

On the other hand, nasal vaccines are believed to work better on the variant, as they provide better protection. They develop a unique type of immunity, which is not observed in the case of intramuscular doses. In addition, this drug is more effective, as it helps to deliver the vaccine directly into the respiratory tract. The intranasal vaccine may also cause less discomfort. It can be especially helpful for young children, older people, people with HIV, and people suffering from multiple diseases at the same time.

When will the nasal vaccine arrive in India?

The nasal vaccine is believed to be very beneficial for respiratory diseases, including Kovid-19. However, it will take some time for it to reach the common people. At present, there are some companies around the world, which are working on the nasal vaccine. Some have reached the testing phase, while others are still awaiting permission for testing.

In India, Bharat Biotech is working on a trial of a nasal vaccine. This pharmaceutical company has been working on this vaccine since last year. According to the report, this company has recently got permission for the second phase of the trial after the first phase is successful.