Corona In Bollywood: Sussanne Khan and Vir Das are also corona infected, know which celebrities have been affected?


At the beginning of the year 2022, the new variant of Corona 'Omicron' has made thousands of people its victims. B-town celebs are also getting caught in the clutches of this new variant. On one hand, Janhvi and Boney Kapoor are in-home quarantine when Khushi Kapoor's corona report comes positive. On the other hand, celebrity Sussanne Khan and comedian Vir Das have been found to be Corona positive.


On Tuesday morning, Sussanne shared the news of her being positive by sharing a picture on her social media account. He wrote, "After dodging Corona for 2 years, the stubborn Omicron variant has finally infiltrated my immune system during the ongoing 3rd wave in 2022. My corona report came positive last night. Please stay safe and stay safe. Take care of yourself diligently. This one variant is very contagious.

Actor and stand-up comedian Vir Das on Monday informed his fans that his corona report has come positive. He has given information about this by writing a long post on his social media account.



He wrote, "Okay. My corona report has come positive. Mild symptoms like pain and sore throat. I am isolated at home. Came in contact with only two other people last month and thankfully both of them reported negative. Now I'm in a room. I have three pillows and a quilt. I'm seriously considering embroidering it. I can embroider 6 pillows, or 2 quilts, depending on how long it takes If I look at the market, I would find market quilts better than pillows. Almost everyone has a pillow they love. Not everyone has a good quilt. Also.. . New pillows are overrated. Old pillows, they know you and your whole body. He added, "The purpose of all this is to wear a mask and encourage. Hope you and your family are safe."

In January 2022, the Korena report of many Bollywood stars has come positive. Others like Mrunal Thakur, John Abraham, Prem Thakur, Esha Gupta, Kareena Kapoor, Arjun Kapoor, Khushi Kapoor, and Mithila Palkar have tested positive. While most of these celebrities experienced only mild symptoms and some are still on their way to recovery, it is being highly advised to wear masks, maintain social distancing and try to stay at home as much as possible at all times.