Corona Crisis: Surgical or cloth mask, which is safer? Know expert opinion


The cases of infection with the Omicron variant of corona are increasing rapidly worldwide. Talking about India, there is a sharp jump in daily cases, more than 90 thousand cases of the corona were recorded on the last day. These rapidly increasing cases of the corona have increased the fears of a third wave in the country. It is being told in studies that this variant of the corona is quite contagious, so all people need to be constantly protected from it. Meanwhile, the first case of death due to infection from Omicron has also been reported in the country.

According to health experts, Omicron is also preying on those people who have received both doses of the vaccine, in such a situation, keeping protection can be an effective option. In view of the rapidly increasing threat of corona, there is a question in the minds of people that can one keep themselves safe by wearing a mask? Is the mask we are wearing enough to keep us safe from corona infection? Let us know in detail about this in the next slides.


Apply the mask for protection from corona
Scientists say that the Omicron variant is spreading very rapidly, it grows 70 times faster in respiratory tissues than the delta variant, so it remains a threat to all people. This is the reason that first of all people should always wear a mask while going out, not only this, there is also a need to know about how effective your mask is in preventing the danger of Omicron.


cloth masks
Last year, cloth masks became increasingly popular amid a worldwide shortage of N95 masks. It can protect you from droplets by simply covering your nose and mouth, although cloth masks have not been proven to protect you from viruses in the air around you. Scientists believe that cloth masks are not effective in stopping the virus, so they cannot be considered safe enough to prevent infection.

surgical mask
Surgical masks are being used since the beginning of Corona. Experts say that with its help, the entry of germs can be prevented through breathing, although it cannot be said about how effective it is in preventing viruses like a corona. Surgical masks are for one-time use only, they should be thrown away after one use.

How can masks be more effective?
In a conversation with respiratory disease specialist Dr. Ashish Jain explains, double masking can be a more effective way to protect against viruses like a corona. For this, a surgical mask can be worn first and a cloth mask can be worn over it. While applying the mask, always keep in mind that it fits well and covers the nose and mouth properly. If the nose or mouth is open, then even after applying the mask, you cannot consider yourself safe.

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