Corona Crisis: Could there be a problem of 'pre-term birth' due to vaccination? This big information came out in the study


In view of the increasing threat of Covid-19 worldwide, health experts are appealing to all people to get both doses of the vaccine as soon as possible. Studies have found that certain situations may put people at higher risk of COVID-19, pregnancy being one of them. Keeping this in mind, the Government of India had approved the vaccination of pregnant women in the country in August-September 2020. However, fear is being seen in the minds of people from the very beginning regarding vaccination in pregnancy. Even though studies have shown vaccination to be safe for pregnant women, many questions remain in people's minds. One question remains like this, can the Covid-19 vaccine cause pre-term birth?
According to health experts, if a pregnant woman gets the infection, the severity of the disease and the risk of death in them increases compared to other people. However, knowing these dangers, the rate of vaccination among pregnant women is very low, which is also one of the reasons for such fear. Let us know what the studies have revealed about the effects of vaccination in pregnancy?


vaccination in pregnancy
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), citing the conclusion of a recent study, said that vaccination in pregnancy is completely safe, it does not affect the time of birth. The study, conducted on over 40,000 pregnant women, found that the vaccination does not in any way cause pre-term birth or small for gestational age (SGA), it is completely safe. Pre-term birth or premature birth of the baby means the birth before 37 weeks. On the other hand, SGA is a condition in which babies are born with a smaller than normal size.


What did the study find?
Women aged 16–49 were included in this study. Of the study participants, 10,064, or about 22 percent, had received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine during pregnancy. Most (98.3 percent) received vaccination during their second or third trimester. Most of the women had received the mRNA vaccine developed by Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna. In the study, researchers found that getting vaccinated during pregnancy is safe.

What do the researchers say?
Our study found the vaccines to be safe, says Heather Lipkind, MD, associate professor of gynecology and reproductive science at Yale School of Medicine. There is no such risk as pre-term birth. Perhaps the right information is not reaching people about this, so still, the rate of vaccination of pregnant women around the world is very low. As the number of COVID cases and new variants are increasing, so vaccination becomes all the more necessary.

What is the conclusion of the study?
Professor Lipkind says, in the conclusion of the study, we have found the vaccines to be safe for pregnant women. Getting vaccinated against Covid-19 is important to prevent serious illness in pregnant. All countries need to encourage pregnant women to get vaccinated while providing accurate information to the public.

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