Cooking Tips: Curd explodes when put in gravy, mix it in these easy ways...


How to Mix Curd in Gravy: Many times curd bursts immediately when added to the vegetable, due to which the taste of the food also starts getting spoiled. In such a situation, by trying some excellent cooking tips, you can overcome this problem. Curd is considered a treasure of nutrients. Adding curd in such a way not only doubles the taste of the food but also makes the food double healthy. Come, let us tell you the right way to use curd while cooking, by following which you can prepare delicious vegetables without breaking the curd.


Avoid adding curd directly: People often mix curd directly in gravy while making vegetables, due to which there are chances of curd curdling. In this case, take out some gravy. Now add curd to this gravy and mix it well and then add this curd mix gravy to the rest of the vegetables. With this, the vegetable will become very tasty without tearing.

Do not add salt with curd: Some people add salt immediately after adding curd to the vegetable, due to which the curd may also burst. Put curd in the vegetable and cook it well after the vegetable is ready, mix salt in the end. Due to this, there will be no fear of curd bursting in the vegetable.

Cook on low flame: While cooking, most people in haste set the gas on high flame. In such a case, there is a possibility of curdling when adding curd, so while adding curd, keep the gas flame low and whisk the curd well while mixing it in the gravy. Due to this, after adding curd, it will not break in the vegetable.


Use high-fat curd: Diet-conscious people often prefer to use low-fat curd in food. In such a situation, curd curdles due to heat and salt, so it is best to use high-fat curd while making sabzi. This reduces the possibility of vegetable bursting. At the same time, instead of curd, you can also mix yogurt in the gravy.