Consuming foods rich in flavonoids is very beneficial in the problem of high BP.


Many factors like stress, unhealthy lifestyle, and foods can be the causes of high blood pressure which can cause many other problems as well. So to avoid and control it, consume things rich in flavonoids.

Due to not taking a balanced diet and following a bad lifestyle, many people are facing problems like high blood pressure or hypertension. Many types of research have revealed that this problem can be controlled by changing your eating habits. Consumption of foods rich in gut bacteria and flavonoids is very beneficial in the problem of high BP. Here are some foods rich in flavonoids...

Should eat an apple every day

Apple is everyone's favorite fruit. It contains a good amount of flavonoids. It is a very beneficial fruit for health. It is also said that by eating an apple every day, you do not need to go to the doctor. However, eating too much of it can be harmful. It contains three different subclasses of flavonoids – flavonols, flavones, and flavanols.

Orange is very beneficial

Do you know that consuming oranges daily can keep you away from many problems? Actually, according to a report, about 19.6 mg of flavonoids aglycone is found in 100 grams of oranges. Consuming fresh oranges daily can keep you away from heart-related diseases. The flavonoids present in it can be very beneficial in reducing high blood pressure.


Consuming onion daily can prove to be very helpful in controlling the problem of high blood pressure. It contains a good amount of flavonoids as well as flavonols like anthocyanins and quercetin.


On the other hand, kale is also rich in flavonoids. Consuming it for health is considered very beneficial. This green leafy vegetable is considered a good source of flavonoids as well as all the beneficial minerals. You can consume it for high blood pressure and heart-related problems. It is also considered very good for overall health.