Coconut Water For Diabetes: Can Diabetic Patient Drink Tender Coconut Water!


Coconut Water For Diabetes: Diabetic patients always have to keep an eye on what they are eating and drinking, in such a situation they should know whether coconut water is beneficial for their health or not.


Can Diabetic Patient Drink Tender Coconut Water: Drinking coconut water has always been considered good for health, because it is a natural drink, and it is much better than juices and soft drinks packed in tetra packs or bottles. It is consumed with great fondness in villages as well as cities. Apart from this, when we go for a holiday at the seashore, we drink this drink. There is no doubt that tender coconut water hydrates us and gives us instant energy, but can diabetic patients also drink it? Since coconut water contains natural sugar and is slightly sweet, diabetic patients always feel nervous about drinking it. For this, we talked to the famous dietician Ayushi Yadav.

Nutrients found in coconut water

According to dietician Ayushi, more nutrients are found in coconut water than in milk. The amount of fat in it is negligible, and the people who consume it regularly get potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, and antioxidants in their bodies. By drinking tender coconut water, toxins are removed from the body, which prevents the risk of many diseases.

Can diabetic patients drink coconut water?

Dietician Ayushi said that diabetic patients can drink coconut water, they should drink this natural beverage daily because it is very beneficial for their health and it can help in reducing blood sugar levels because its glycemic index ( GI) is reduced. Magnesium present in tender coconut water helps in improving insulin sensitivity. Drinking coconut removes water deficiency in the body and also provides amazing energy. 

Benefits of eating coconut cream

Diabetic patients can eat the cream present in it along with coconut water because it is rich in many nutrients that help in improving metabolism. Also, eating cream reduces body fat, hence cream should be made a part of a regular diet because it contains good cholesterol and helps in reducing the risk of heart diseases.

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