Clove is no less than a boon for skin and hair, use it like this


If you have been troubled a lot due to dandruff occurring in winter, then apply a few drops of clove oil to your shampoo. Doing this will end dandruff.

In the winter season, the scalp becomes dry due to itching. To get rid of this problem, mix clove oil in coconut oil and apply it to the hair.

Clove oil for Acne Treatment: Use clove oil in 3 ways to get rid of acne

Massage hair with clove oil twice a week for good hair growth. After that wash the head with lukewarm water.


To avoid premature graying of hair, mix eucalyptus oil with clove oil and apply it to the hair.


Massaging the face with aloe vera gel mixed with clove oil increases the glow of the skin.