Climbing Stairs Benefits: 'Sugar' will be less by climbing stairs! Will there be no risk of 'heart attack'? Know and what will be the benefits...


Benefits Of Climbing Stairs: Be it heart disease or diabetes, joint pain problems or cancer, most diseases are related to obesity somewhere. Obesity works to increase the risk of many diseases. However, you can easily get rid of it by making some important changes in your lifestyle and diet. Apart from this, physical activity can also help you a lot in this. To improve cardiovascular health, you should include some common physical activities in your routine, such as taking the stairs instead of taking the lift.


What about climbing the stairs?
Walking stairs is also a part of physical activity. This is a very easy and effective way for body movement. Nowadays most people use lifts and escalators, due to which their common physical activity is not possible. By climbing regular stairs, the problems that come with ageing such as loss of muscles and physical weakness can be easily overcome. This activity will not only work to keep you physically active but will also prove to help reduce weight.

However, doing just this will not work. You also have to pay special attention to your lifestyle and food habits and stay away from unhealthy food items. Two separate studies conducted on men and women found that people who used to climb stairs daily were less likely to have metabolic syndrome. Apart from this, climbing stairs also releases endorphins and increases energy levels.


Benefits of stair climbing
1. Climbing stairs tones the lower body muscle groups such as the glutes, quads and hamstrings.
2. Helps in rapid weight loss.
3. The risk of heart attack remains less.
4. Blood sugar level remains under control.
5. Climbing stairs improves metabolic health, which means a lower risk of heart disease. It works on your cardiorespiratory system and makes it flexible.

Climbing stairs helps in reducing the risk of many diseases. Although how fast to climb and how many stairs to climb, depends on the age, condition, and health of a person.