Circular Journey Ticket: You can travel to more than one station with Circular Journey Ticket, know how to avail its benefits..


To make railway travel easier, Indian Railway Service provides many facilities to the passengers. One of these facilities is that you can travel by train from 8 different stations with one ticket. Most travelers do not know about this facility.


Let us tell you that Indian Railways issues Circular Journey Tickets. This is a special ticket. In this, you can travel to multiple stations on one ticket. This ticket can be purchased for any class of travel.

How will the circular journey ticket be booked?
You cannot buy circular journey tickets directly from the ticket counter. For this ticket, you have to first apply and give information about the travel route. However, before applying for this train, the passenger has to keep in mind that the journey will end at the same station from which he starts.

When you plan your entire journey, then you have to talk to the station managers. He tells you the cost of tickets depending on the journey. For this, he gives you a form in which all this information is given.

After this, you can buy a circular journey ticket from the booking office of the station.

You have to contact the reservation office to reserve a seat after purchasing the ticket. After this reserve ticket will be issued.


What is the benefit of a circular journey ticket?
     This ticket saves you a lot of time. If you buy tickets at a different station, it will take you more time.

     In this, your money is also saved to a great extent. Actually, this ticket is cheaper than the general ticket. Telescopic rates apply which are lower than point-to-point fares.

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