CIBIL Score Tips: CIBIL score got spoiled due to a bank's mistake, know how to fix it..


In this era of new technology, the CIBIL score (CIBIL Score Latest Updates) has become important for everyone. It is seen that as soon as the CIBIL score deteriorates (How to improve Cibil Score), people's heartbeats start increasing. And why not? If the credit score is bad (bad credit score), it is almost impossible to get a loan. Even if you get it, you will have to pay more interest. On the other hand, if the CIBIL score is good, the bank gives the money quickly.


CIBIL score is also called credit score (what is credit score). A credit score shows how your record is in financial matters. CIBIL score can deteriorate due to your mistake (Reasons for deteriorating CIBIL score) and also due to someone else's negligence. Many times a mistake of the bank destroys the customer's CIBIL score (destruction of CIBIL score).

There have been many cases where the customer's CIBIL score was spoiled without any mistake or default in loan payment on their part (latest bank news). This had a direct impact on the customer and he faced difficulties in getting a loan. If your credit rating has become bad due to wrong information given by the bank or other financial institutions to CIBIL, then you should immediately take steps to correct it.

Where and how to complain?
You can complain about the problem regarding the CIBIL score due to the mistake of the bank by visiting CIBIL's official website On the website, you have to go to the 'Contact Us' section and fill out the dispute form available there. In this form, you have to clearly explain the mistake or discrepancy made by the bank (How to improve Cibil Score).

If you have documents proving the mistake of the bank, then upload them too. Apart from this, complaints related to CIBIL can be informed to the company by calling their consumer helpline number 22-61404300.

After you file a dispute, CIBIL will seek a response from the concerned bank. The lender will be given 30 days to respond to your dispute. If the bank accepts that it has made a mistake, CIBIL will correct the mistake in its records and correct your CIBIL score.

If the bank does not accept its mistake, then you will have to directly contact your bank or lender and tell them about their mistake. Suppose the bank has not recorded the installment paid by you on time, then you will have to provide proof of paying the installment. If the bank still does not accept its mistake, then you can go to CIBIL again.


If the problem is not resolved, then complain to RBI
If the credit agency does not resolve your problem within 30 days, then you can complain to the Reserve Bank of India (RBI's latest updates). You can tell your problem to the Reserve Bank by emailing You can also register your complaint by calling toll-free number 14448.

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