CIBIL Score: If CIBIL score is bad, it will be difficult not only to get a loan but also a job...

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According to the information, we only know that while taking a loan, your CIBIL score should be good. But now if you want to do a job in a bank, then along with education, a good CIBIL score will also be required. CIBIL score or credit score tells how you have handled your debts. A credit score of more than 750 is considered good. IBPS, the recruitment company that conducts examinations for banking services, has announced this new criterion.


If your credit score is not good then you will not get a job in the bank. You can improve a bad credit score. You have many ways to improve your credit score. We have mentioned some of these methods here. Having a better credit score will not only make you eligible for banking jobs but you will also get loans easily. Let us know how your credit score can be corrected.

Pay the price before the due date
If you have purchased any product through a credit card, then remember the last date of its payment i.e. due date. If you do not repay the loan by the due date, then you will not only be charged a penalty but your credit score will also get spoiled. Therefore always pay the bill by the due date.

Increase card limit accordingly
Let us tell you that even after seeing your good credit score, the company calls you repeatedly to increase the limit on your card. In such a situation, many times we increase our credit score and then increase our expenses accordingly. Never do this. Keep the card limit as much as necessary. Spend only as much as you can afford.

Do not finish loan settlement
Loan settlement means that you did not repay the loan on time and finally, you settled your loan by making some kind of agreement with the bank. This is reflected in your credit history and spoils your CIBIL score. So eliminate credit and not settle it.


Use credit card
You can also improve your credit score by taking a credit card. You will have to spend through a credit card and then pay the bill on time. In this way, your credit score will gradually improve.

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