Chutney Recipe: Tamarind chutney enhances the taste of salty snacks, make it in this way


Essential Ingredients:

Tamarind - 200 grams

Cumin powder - Two teaspoons

Panchphoran - One teaspoon

Raisins - Twenty grains

Oil - Two teaspoons 

Salt - as per taste

Black salt as per taste 

Dry red chili - Five 

jaggery or sugar - 400 grams 

Chironji - two teaspoons

Make it in this way:

First of all soak tamarind in hot water for three hours.

Now mash it and filter the pulp.

Now heat oil in a pan and add Panchphoron to it.

After this, add dry red chillies, tamarind pulp, jaggery, black salt and cumin powder and cook for ten minutes.

After this, turn off the gas and add chironji and raisins to it.

In this way your tamarind chutney becomes delicious.