Chris Hemsworth used to eat so much food to become Thor, then what happened… the trainer revealed the secret!


Have you ever wondered how many calories you should eat to look like Chris Hemsworth? Do not be surprised because this has been known. According to media reports, Chris Hemsworth used to eat ten times the amount of 450 calories in a day during the preparation of the film Thor: Love and Thunder. But Chris Hemsworth does not always make special preparations for his role in a film. He always tries to keep himself fit in every situation.


In Marvel's series, God of Thunder i.e. Thor is the king of Asgard. He uses a hammer called Mjolnir as his weapon. This hammer gives Thor the ability to fly and control the weather. But Chris Hemsworth surprised everyone with his diet for his role in the film Thor: Love and Thunder.

How many calories did Chris hemsworth take
Chris Hemsworth's trainer Luke Jocchi told during an interview that Chris Hemsworth used to eat 4500 calories daily for his role in this film. These calories are almost double the 2015 to 2020 Dietary Guidelines for American men. Luke Jockey explains that these guidelines of course do not take into account your age, height, lifestyle and overall health.


Chris hemsworth was ill
But have you ever thought that an average person suddenly starts eating like Chris Hemsworth? Chris Hemsworth's trainer Luke Jocchi told that people will get sick if this happens, Chris Hemsworth also got sick. He says that if you are going to make such a change in your diet, then definitely consult a recognized professional nutritionist. If you do hard workouts several times per week, then it will be necessary to take care of adequate calories instead of carbohydrates. The trainer says that protein shakes can be taken in a balanced diet.