Chia Seed: Chia seeds uproot bad cholesterol... consume in this way..


Chia Seed For Cholesterol: Due to bad eating habits, and an unbalanced lifestyle, a large number of people are suffering from the problem of cholesterol. This is such a problem that if it increases in the body, then the risk of heart disease increases. It is a substance present in our blood which helps in the formation of cells and hormones, but when it increases excessively, then Accumulates in the veins of the blood and affects the blood flow. In such a situation, the risk of heart attack stroke increases. Nowadays, this problem is also being seen in the youth. In such a situation, we are telling you such a trick, using which you can remove cholesterol by sitting at home. To reduce the increased cholesterol, you should consume chia seeds. ..


Helpful in lowering cholesterol
To get rid of the problem of high cholesterol, you should include Chia seeds in your diet. Fibre, calcium, manganese, protein, omega-3 fatty acids, phosphorus, and anti-oxidants are found in it, which detoxifies the body and removes extra fat. It binds the bad cholesterol lipids sticking in the blood vessels and tries to detox it, due to which the cholesterol level in the body remains balanced. The omega-3 fatty acids present in it work to maintain healthy heart health.

Chia seeds are also beneficial in these problems
Strengthen bones- Calcium and phosphorus are found in chia seeds which are responsible for the strength of bones. You can make bones strong by consuming it.

Helpful in reducing weight-Chia seeds are found in plenty of fibre and protein, the consumption of which helps to keep the digestive system healthy. Apart from this, its consumption makes the stomach feel full for a long time, due to which you do not have craving for food and helps in reducing weight fast. It also gives relief to the problem of indigestion, constipation and gas.

Beneficial for skin and hair- Chia seeds are rich in protein and magnesium, which is very beneficial for glowing skin and hair, it gives strength to hair. Help prevent hair loss and fight inflammation. Works to reduce wrinkles and fine lines of ageing.


How to consume it
You can consume chia seeds in many ways. The first is that you soak it in water on an empty stomach in the morning and consume it. Second, you can consume it as a snack. Third, you can consume it in the form of smoothies and drinks. Apart from this, you can eat chia seeds daily by putting them in the salad.