Chandra Grahan 2024: Not only scissors and knives but also the use of these things is prohibited during the lunar eclipse, know!


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The lunar eclipse is going to occur on 25 March 2024. It is said that what normally occurs during a 28-day full moon cycle manifests itself in astral form within two to three hours.

The cycles of the Moon have physical, psychological and energetic effects on the human body. Therefore, it is important to follow some guidelines during the lunar eclipse, otherwise, you may have to suffer its adverse consequences in the future. Let us understand what should be used and what activities should be avoided during the lunar eclipse.

Duration of Lunar Eclipse 2024:

The lunar eclipse occurring on March 25 will be a penumbral lunar eclipse. When the Moon enters the Earth's penumbral shadow and exits from there, it is called a penumbral lunar eclipse. This lunar eclipse will last from 10:23 am to 3:02 pm.

Activities to avoid during lunar eclipse:

Why one should not eat food during a lunar eclipse - During a lunar eclipse, the moon's rays become contaminated, which can affect our food as well. Therefore, it is advised to refrain from cooking and eating during lunar eclipse. According to experts, cooked food gets subtly spoiled during a lunar eclipse compared to a normal day, which can compromise your alertness.

Why stay indoors during lunar eclipse - According to religious texts, negative energies become intense due to Rahu-Ketu during lunar eclipse. This affects the mental state of the person and the polluted rays of the Moon also have harmful effects on life. For this reason, it is advised to stay indoors during the eclipse and chant mantras to reduce the adverse effects of the lunar eclipse.

Avoid these activities – It is advisable not to use knives, scissors or any sharp object during the lunar eclipse. It is considered inauspicious. Apart from this, one should also avoid touching trees and plants during lunar eclipse.

Avoid touching idols- According to the scriptures, one should avoid brushing teeth and combing hair during the impure period of the eclipse. Avoid sleeping from the beginning of the impurity period till the end of the eclipse. From a religious point of view, touching any holy idol during a period of impurity is considered extremely inauspicious.