Chanakya Niti: Click here to know at which place Maa Lakshmi resides according to Chanakya Niti


It was only by following the Chanakya policies of Acharya Chanakya that the great emperor Chandragupta Maurya established the Maurya dynasty in Magadha country and defeated a ruler like Dhananand.

Acharya Chanakya had knowledge of politics, diplomacy, and strategy. Today in this part of Chanakya Niti, we will know that at what place Goddess Lakshmi resides happily and what is stable in the world?

Fool: Yatra na pujyante dhaanya yatra susanchitam.

Couples: Kalho Nasti Tatra Shri Swayamagata.

According to this verse by Acharya Chanakya, a foolish or ignorant person is not respected, and the grain store is full all the time. The place where husband-wife or family members live happily without any discord, Mata Lakshmi herself resides there. That's why a man should always follow these things.

Let's go to Lakshmischala: Pranaschale living temples.

Chalachle cha samsare dharma ek hi nischalh.


According to Acharya Chanakya, Lakshmi's nature is fickle, due to which she is with us today, and tomorrow she goes somewhere else. In the same way, life, life, body, all these are fickle and when a time comes, they are destroyed. In this world, a person should always do his work by following the path of religion.