Chaitra Navratri Fashion: 16 makeup is very special for every woman, it has special importance in Navratri...


Chaitra Navratri 2023: You must have often heard women of Hinduism talking about 16 adornments. On the other hand, the 16 adornments of women are also mentioned in films every day. Because of this, today we are going to tell you about this. Actually, on the occasion of Navratri, these adornments of the mother have a lot of importance. This is because Mata Rani loves 16 adornments of women.


This is the reason why when women establish Mata Rani in their house, they worship Maa Durga only after doing 16 adornments. Sixteen adornments have also been described in Rigveda. It is a belief that Maa Durga gets pleased very quickly with such women, who worship her with sixteen adornments. Today we will tell you the names of 16 makeup of women as well as their importance.

It is mentioned in Rigveda

If we talk about old beliefs, sixteen Shringar has also been described in Rigveda. It is said in Rigveda that by doing Solah Shringar not only does the beauty increase but also the fortune is good.

know its meaning

Each one of the sixteen adornments is associated with faith. For example, Bindi is seen by connecting it with the third eye of Lord Shankar. Vermilion means a sign of good luck and happiness. Similarly, everything has a different significance.

What are 16 makeup

The 16 adornments of Indian women include red pair, bindi, mehndi, vermilion, gajra, kajal, maang tika, bangles, nath, baseband, ear-rings, anklets, ring, nettle, mangalsutra, waistband.


Applying Kumkum or Bindi on the forehead is considered holy


In Hinduism, vermilion is considered a symbol of Suhaag.


This is also included in the 16 adornments of women.


Every bride's makeup is considered incomplete without Mehndi.

Red dress

Mata Rani loves the red color very much, hence it is included in 16 decorations.


Along with grooming the hair, gajra is applied to enhance their beauty.

Maang Teeka

Maang Teeka adds beauty to every girl.


Nose ring

It is considered compulsory for married women to wear ornaments on their noses.


Earrings are worn in the ear work to enhance the beauty of the face.


Mangal Sutra is considered to be the most special and sacred jewel of every Indian married woman.


It is tied on the arms. Earlier it was considered mandatory for married women to always wear armlets.


Bangles are considered a symbol of honeymoon in Indian homes.


The ring has been considered a symbol of mutual love and trust between husband and wife for centuries.


The waistband symbolizes that the bride is now the mistress of her house.


Wearing a nettle is very important for every Indian married woman.


Wearing anklets is considered very auspicious for women of Indian households.