Chaitra Navratri: Do this work before the start of Chaitra Navratri, Maa Durga will reside in the house!


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Navratri is considered very important in the Hindu religion and during this time 9 forms of Mata Rani are worshipped. A fast of 9 days is also observed during Navratri. This year Chaitra Navratri will start on 9th April and will end with Navami on 17th April. But before installing the Kalash during Navratri, you must do such things so that Mata Rani can reside. Therefore, do this work before Navratri starts.

Cleanliness of the house:

According to religious beliefs, special care should be taken about cleanliness during Chaitra Navratri. Clean the house thoroughly before Navratri starts. Keep in mind that Mata Rani resides in clean places only. Apart from this, keeping dirt in the house increases poverty.


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Before the start of Chaitra Navratri, one should take care of cleaning the kitchen

because Goddess Annapurna resides here. Therefore, before the start of Chaitra Navratri, tamasic things like garlic and onion should be removed from the kitchen.

Make a Swastika on the main entrance of the house.

Before any auspicious work, Swastika is definitely made in the house or temple. Therefore, before starting the puja on the first day of Chaitra Navratri, Swastika should be made at the main entrance of your house.


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Pay attention to the south-east direction of the house

According to the scriptures, Goddess Durga resides in the south direction. Therefore it is auspicious to worship in this direction. You should establish Ghat in this direction. Keep in mind that while worshiping Mata Rani, your face should be in the south or east direction.