Chaitra Month 2024: Do not do this work even by mistake in Chaitra month, otherwise Goddess Lakshmi will get angry!



According to the Hindu calendar, the month of Phalguna is the last month of the year and after it, the month of Chaitra begins. Chaitra month started on 27 March and will end on 23 April. According to the scriptures, Lord Brahma started the creation in this month. The month of Chaitra holds special significance in Hinduism as many major festivals like Navratri, Ram Navami, Papamochini Ekadashi, Hanuman Jayanti etc. also occur during this period. According to religious scriptures, there are some things which should be avoided in the month of Chaitra. If you do this work then you may have to face many difficulties. Let us know which activities should be avoided in the month of Chaitra.

What not to do during Chaitra month:

Tamasic and non-vegetarian food: One should avoid consuming Tamasic or non-vegetarian food during the month of Chaitra. It is said that consuming such food during Chaitra displeases Goddess Lakshmi, which leads to financial problems.

Consumption of Jaggery: Also, consumption of jaggery should be avoided this month. Jaggery has a hot nature and its consumption during summer can be harmful to health.


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Cutting hair and nails: Cutting hair is prohibited during the month of Chaitra. It is believed that cutting hair in this month can worsen the financial condition of the house and create domestic problems. Similarly, try not to cut your nails during this month. If it is necessary to cut nails then it should be done on Thursday and at night only.

Fights should be avoided: According to astrology, fights at home should be avoided during the month of Chaitra. Husband and wife should avoid any argument or dispute. It is believed that the lady of the house represents Goddess Lakshmi, so any argument during this month may anger her. Therefore, during this month, one should avoid any kind of dispute or fight, even unknowingly.

Beginning of new works: According to Vedas and Puranas, the first day of Chaitra month is considered very auspicious. Therefore, starting any new work on this day is considered auspicious.