CERT-In Update: Alert issued regarding Google Chrome, use it carefully...


India's cyber security agency CERT-In has once again warned about Google Chrome. CERT-In has said that at present the use of Chrome browser is not free from danger. CERT-In has issued this warning regarding the Chrome web browser.


CERT-In has said that there are many flaws in the Chrome browser that hackers can take advantage of and can also hack people's systems. In such a situation, it would be better for the users to update their Chrome browser immediately. Using Chrome browser without updating means inviting hackers.

According to CERT, by taking advantage of these flaws, hackers can control your system remotely. Apart from this, the system can also be crashed remotely.


What is the way to avoid these flaws?

The first thing to do is to update your Chrome browser immediately. Google has also released a new version to remove these flaws. To update, go to Chrome's settings and then go to About Chrome and update.

Apart from this, do not click on any suspicious links. Clicking on a web link in an e-mail can be dangerous. Turn on the popup blocker from the settings of Chrome, because sometimes people are also made victims through popup notifications. Use strong passwords.

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