Central Government Health Scheme: How can you avail its benefits? Know the complete process and details..

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Health is said to be the basis of a happy life. The reason for this is the problems caused by diseases and the expenses incurred by them. That is why the government runs many schemes to reduce the burden of expenditure on health. One of these schemes is the Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS).


Let us know who this health scheme is for, what is its eligibility and how can it be availed.

What is the Central Government Health Scheme for?
This scheme is purely for Central Government employees. Meaning that the general public cannot take advantage of it. Only central employees, pensioners, and their dependents get the benefits of this scheme. The beneficiaries of this scheme get the facility of cashless treatment and reimbursement.

They do not need to pay huge hospital bills or spend money from their own pockets to buy expensive medicines. This facility is available in 80 cities of the country.

How can the benefit of the scheme be availed?
To avail of the benefits of this health scheme of the Centre, one must have a CGHS card. If you do not have this card, you can get it made through both online and offline methods. To make an online card, you have to apply on the official website of CGHS. After filling out the form there, and submitting the necessary documents, you can download your CGHS card or get it delivered to your home.

Who is eligible for the scheme?
All current or former Presidents, Vice Presidents, Governors, Lieutenant Governors, and MPs can avail the benefits of this scheme. Present or former judges of the Supreme Court and High Court are also eligible. Central government employees and pensioners along with their dependents can get cashless treatment. However, it does not include employees and pensioners of Railways and Delhi Administration.


Under CGHS, the cost of treatment and medicines in OPD is borne. Along with the government, emergency treatment is available in private and recognized hospitals. If you have spent money to get an artificial limb fitted, you can claim reimbursement for that too.

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