Caution: If you use a dating app then definitely read this news, otherwise you will regret it later...


Millions of people use dating apps in India. Many apps are quite popular and there are many new apps. There must be many of you who use these dating apps, but you will be surprised to know that these dating apps are not at all safe in terms of data privacy.


We are saying this because many reports are claiming that all dating apps sell user data to advertising agencies and companies. In return, they get a huge amount. According to a report by the Mozilla Foundation, 22 out of 25 dating apps do not follow their privacy policy. They deal with the personal data of their users and sell the data to advertisers. Many of these have a history of data leaks.

These apps keep personal information optional but do not allow the apps to be used without providing information later. These apps also take access from the users to their current location and if access to the location is not given then these apps do not work.


Many times these apps track the location of users even when they are not using the apps. 25 percent of these apps also collect metadata. For example, when you click a photo, its metadata contains many information like phone model information, location, aperture, etc. Experts have forbidden logging in with your social account on dating apps.

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