Caution: Excessive consumption of protein is also harmful to the body, there can be many problems


To keep the body healthy, it is advised to consume nutritious food. Protein is considered very important in the diet, it plays an important role in keeping muscles healthy and building them. Protein is considered an important part of nutrition, but it is also said that to keep the weight balanced and the body fit, the diet should include maximum protein and minimum carbohydrates. For the past few years, it has been a subject of research that the habit of consuming protein in excess amount without thinking is not harming people instead of beneficial? Especially the health of kidneys and other organs?

The kidney is that important part of the body that filters out all the dirt and removes it. That is, in a way it is the housekeeper within the body. This work of filtration is done by two kidneys and plays a very important role in this. Studies show that an excess of protein in the body can damage this organ.


Protein and its sources
Protein is a long chain of amino acids, that is, it contains more than one amino acid, and the body gets these amino acids from different protein sources. Various types of foods supply the body with protein. Experts believe that animal proteins are better than plant proteins in this respect because they provide all the essential amino acids at once. But this does not mean that vegetarianism cannot meet your protein needs. For this, it is necessary to include different types of protein sources in the diet in the right amount. Like milk, vegetables, pulses, fruits, dry fruits, etc.


How much protein intake is right?
Proteins help the body to strengthen and function properly. They make bones strong and keep the body energetic throughout the day. Normally, a healthy person needs 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight per day. Meaning a person of 65 kg needs about 52 grams of protein per day. This much protein is usually obtained from a balanced and right diet. For this, it is not necessary to take separate supplements.

What happens with too much protein?
Athletes, physically active people, or people involved in sports may need more protein than normal. This extra amount comes in handy for these people to maintain the energy of their bodies. But these quantities are taken on the advice of professional experts. If you start taking an excessive amount of protein on your own, then it can harm the body.

Disadvantages of excess protein
Experts believe that excessive dosage of protein can put pressure on the kidneys to do extra work. But most of this happens in people who already have any kidney-related problems. The thing that can cause more damage is excessive consumption of protein supplements or protein drinks etc.

Excess protein intake from natural sources also does no harm, but an overdose of supplements can make it difficult. Apart from this, consuming too much protein can cause halitosis, constipation or diarrhoea, dehydration, and in severe cases kidney damage. Some studies have warned about the risk of cancer and heart disease due to high protein intake.

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