Causes of Obesity: Apart from illness and pregnancy, lifestyle habits are also responsible for obesity!


Causes of Obesity: Apart from illness and pregnancy, lifestyle habits are also responsible for obesity. In such a situation, if you are repeating these 5 mistakes daily, then extra fat can start accumulating in your body very soon.


What are the reasons for weight gain: Sudden deterioration of the body shape is the result of mistakes related to your lifestyle. In such a situation, many times we keep struggling to lose weight but still do not get the desired result. This happens because we unknowingly make some mistakes, which cause weight gain. Come, know about 5 such common mistakes, by correcting which you can speed up weight loss.

Overeating, even if it's healthy food

It is a common misconception that eating healthy food does not lead to weight gain. Of course, healthy food is beneficial compared to junk food, but anything with high-calorie content can lead to weight gain. Therefore, one should eat in balanced quantities. 

Focusing only on diet

To lose weight, just paying attention to diet is not enough. Exercise is equally important. Exercising not only burns calories but also strengthens the muscles, which also increases metabolism

Skipping meals for a long time

Many people skip meals even when they are hungry to reduce calories. This method can backfire. To satisfy hunger, one eats more later, which can lead to weight gain. Therefore, it is better to keep eating healthy things in small portions throughout the day. 

Lack of nutrient-rich diet

Many times people do not take a balanced diet in an attempt to lose weight. They only focus on reducing calories. However, the body needs various nutrients to function properly. In such a situation, a lack of protein, vitamins, and minerals can slow down metabolism, due to which fat starts accumulating in the body and it becomes difficult to lose weight. 

Making healthy things unhealthy

Some foods look healthy, but they become unhealthy due to our habits. For example, fruits have high sugar content. In such a situation, if you eat them with extra sugar or cream, then the calorie content in them becomes very high, due to which fat starts increasing rapidly.  

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