Castor Oil Benefits: If lips have turned black then use castor oil, lips will become pink!


Our lips become black due to many reasons, like using chemical-based products, smoking, dehydration etc. cause blackness of lips. In such a situation, castor oil can remove the darkness of your lips. It is not only beneficial for your face and hair but can also make your lips pink. In this article, we are telling you the benefits of applying castor on lips and the method of applying it. But before this let us know about its benefits.

Benefits of applying castor oil

Removes pigmentation of lips.

Removes dead skin.

The dryness of lips goes away.

Lips remain naturally moisturized and hydrated.

Removes the problem of black lips.


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How to apply castor oil on lips

Take one or two drops of castor oil and massage the lips with it. This can be applied to the lips before leaving the house and before sleeping at night. Apart from this, you will also get lip balm made from castor oil in the market.