Cash Withdrawal: If mutilated notes come out of ATM then know what to do in such a situation!


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Although most payments these days are made via phone, there are times when you may need to withdraw cash.

Generally, people like to go to banks less and use ATMs more because it is convenient to withdraw money from an ATM.

However, sometimes people have to face problems at ATMs. Money can be deducted from their account, but cash will not be withdrawn.


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Sometimes people also get torn or damaged notes from ATMs, leaving them confused as to what to do next.

If this ever happens to you, the first thing you should do is show the damaged note to the camera installed in the ATM.


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After leaving the ATM, you should go to the bank branch where the ATM is. You will have to show them the ATM receipt or the message received on your mobile.

After that, you can fill out an application to replace the damaged notes. The Reserve Bank has also said that the responsibility of exchanging such notes lies with the bank operating the ATM.