Cash Withdraw: If you have forgotten your ATM card at home, don't worry, withdraw cash from mobile like this!


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In this digital age, everything has become so easy that tasks which used to take hours can now be completed in a few seconds. The biggest facility has been found in sending money and withdrawing cash. Now, if you need to send money, you can do it in a second through UPI and similarly, you can withdraw money instantly from the ATM. Today we are going to tell you how to withdraw cash without an ATM card.

Lack of awareness among many people:

Many people often forget their ATM card at home while going shopping or to the market. In such a situation, they get worried as to how to withdraw the cash. Most people are unaware that money can be withdrawn even without an ATM card. This is why they have to return home to get their ATM card, which wastes their time and doubles their effort.


PC: abplive

Here's how to withdraw cash

Let us now tell you how you can withdraw cash without an ATM card. For this, you must have your phone and any UPI app should be installed on your phone, like BHIM, Paytm, Google Pay, PhonePe etc. If you have these apps then you can go to the ATM.

First, go to the ATM and choose the option to withdraw cash without a card

Then, you will have to verify your identity through UPI. Open your UPI app and scan the QR code displayed in front of you.

Your authentication will be done through UPI, and then you can withdraw your cash.

You will also be safe from fraud.

Withdrawal of cash through UPI is quite safe. The Reserve Bank of India has also said that withdrawing cash without an ATM card is safe and protects your card from being cloned. This means you can avoid fraud. Now, if you ever need cash, you don't need to carry an ATM card; You can do this work just from your phone.