Carry Bag Charge: After shopping, do you also buy a carry bag by paying money? So click to know the rules!


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Whenever you go shopping, you need a carry bag for your clothes or accessories. After shopping, when the billing starts, you are asked for a carry bag. Usually, this is asked because its cost gets added to the bill.

In many places, carry bags are given for free, but nowadays in most places, a charge of Rs 10 to 15 is levied for a carry bag. Recently, a case came to light where a Reliance store had to pay a heavy fine for charging for a carry bag.


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Now you should know about the rules related to carry bags when a store can charge you for a carry bag and when not.

If the store has written their name or put their logo on the carry bag, they cannot charge for the carry bag. If they do this then you can complain in the consumer forum.


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To deal with such cases, companies now provide people with plain carry bags without any logo, for which they charge up to Rs 10.